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Not many people can resist a cuddly little kitten. It is usually a difficult decision as to which cat or kitten to adopt but the staff at Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue are here to help match you with the best possible feline.  Before deciding to adopt an animal, it's best to ask a yourself some of the following questions.

Consider whether you want to adopt a kitten or a full grown cat in need of a home. A kitten would be a lot of fun and might get into a bit of trouble, while an older cat will be more settled after the initial adjustment period. Try to make this decision before you go to the to view any cats. The cat that you adopt will be an extension of your family, so try to pick a cat to adopt that fits your lifestyle. Include your children in the decision them be a part of the adoption process.

Fill out our preliminary adoption questionnaire. Their staff needs to know a little bit about your ability to adopt a cat, such as if can you provide a good home with proper care. They may have questions concerning whether you have children, anyone with allergies, where your cat will sleep and eat, and if they will be an indoor or outdoor cat. Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue staff want to match you with an adoptive cat that is a "good fit" for your family.

Prepare your home for the arrival of your newly adopted cat.  This would be a good opportunity for you to make sure you have everything you will need for the arrival, such as the litter box, food, sleeping areas and maybe a few toys.

Plan to spend as much time as possible with your newly adopted cat when you get home to help with the adjustment. This is a major life style change for your newly adopted cat, so be very loving and patient to help ease its nerves. It won't be too long until your adopted cat is a very important loving part of your family.

When choosing a cat to adopt, you should take into consideration your own lifestyle and personality. If you are playful at heart and don't mind finding small dead animals around your home, the stealth ninja cat may be right for you. Maybe you would enjoy an indoor cat you can fill with treats, if that is true the spoiled and lazy cat may be a great choice. The lover is a perfect fit for someone who has free time at home and likes a snuggly cat. Are you a quiet, laid-back person? The spaz would make a nice addition to your home. If you are looking for more humor in your life, the thick-skulled cat could be the comic relief you need.  Adopting a cat is a great way to enrich your own life, as well as the cats!